Visual Speech Board for the kiddos!

Visual Speech Board for the kiddos!

This is great for the kiddos who are visual learners or those who just want to play! It allows the child to visually see what activity/task they are engaged in NOW. The bottom right area of the picture is actually a manila envelope cut to that size for the kiddo to remove the laminated icon once they are finished with each task they can place it in the envelope, and move the next task under the NOW section. This helps the child visualize what is next, and when they get to play (at the end of therapy). VERY HELPFUL!

Mommy Speech Therapy

This blog site is so adorable and great for SLPs and any parents who want to practice at home with their kiddos! I actually got to meet Heidi (Speech Mommy) and the group at the last ASHA conference in San Diego! If you have an iPad their app is amazing! The features are amazing. It allows you to quickly collect data while the child gets to play on the iPad! The graphics are great for kiddos too! I refer to Mommy Speech Therapy quite often for my therapy sessions when working on articulation! I hope you find it fun and helpful like I do! 🙂

Until next time…

Until next time...

Happy to see these leave my hands and give to an undergrad that may benefit from them. I will say through my experience studying for the GRE (to get into the masters program), I loved the Kaplan brand! I purchased the book and these flash cards! The flash cards worked well to study ten new words a week. They are handy because you can bring them with you anywhere! Good luck seniors!

Found an amazing link that will help you create an e-Portfolio! It is free for students if the universities sign up with digication! My cousin is currently attending Pepperdine University and they are required to utilize this site as they present their thesis! I wonder if I can present this to my university! Either way, I will be generating my own e-portfolio in the meantime as well as our three-ring binder (ugh!) 😦


Check out the link!

Hello world!

Hello Hello!

I am a graduate student studying speech-language pathology. I hope you find my blogging site beneficial and fun to read! I am new at this, and thought I would try to blog about fun and interesting aspects to my experiences as a grad student and soon to be speech-language pathologist! Enjoy! 🙂