StudyBlue – Great for all students! Keep organized for Comps & Praxis!!

StudyBlue - Great for all students! Keep organized for Comps & Praxis!!

StudyBlue is made for students. It empowers a generation of ambitious digital natives who expect and deserve high quality digital study tools. Nobody forces anybody to use it and nobody tells anybody they can’t. StudyBlue helps students learn better. Learn together. And get smarter.”

I use this to site because as we all know, grad school can be a stressful time. This is so awesome! I also downloaded the flashcard app on my iPhone so that I could study when I am away from a computer. I recommend it to everyone!

Crayons for CP students!

Crayons for CP students!

As I was shopping at the dollar store to find my weekly treasures for clinic, I found these crayons! They are great because the crayons fit around your individual fingers! This is ideal for kiddos with Cerebral Palsy (CP). With my experience, the kids love being able to have control over the crayons and embrace in these fun activities that might be more difficult when having to grasp onto a regular straight crayon! I also bought the Cars drawing mat at the dollar store! It is so much fun because it is a fun character that many kids know about and a large drawing mat! We all loved this activity and these materials!

They are at the dollar store!

Heather’s Speech Therapy!

Heather Speech Therapy!

Another one of my favorite speech links is called Heather Speech Therapy! It is adorable and she has amazing ideas that are interesting and creative! Her website is very clean, organized, and user-friendly when navigating. You can also follow her Speech Therapy Ideas Board on Pinterest for the visual ideas!

Her website is excellent for School-Based Speech Therapy. I know we are always trying to be more creative with our therapy sessions and keep those kiddos entertained while collecting data! Thanks Heather!

Check it out for yourself!

I made my own Picture Icon Binder for only Five Dollars!

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I made my own Picture Icon Binder for only Five Dollars!

One of my supervisors presented the idea to generate our very own “Picture Exchange Communication” binder. There are six students in my group, so we all decided to come up with 20 icons within a certain category (my category was “Items Around The House”). We each spent only five dollars for our Picture Icon Binder. The categories we all received icons for were: Clothing, Food, Outside, Around the House, Animals, and Toys. 

Materials Used: 3-ring Binder, clear sheets (you know the ones that store old baseball cards, pennies, velcro, scissors, cardboard, and a glue stick!

As I have mentioned before, I am a visual learner (as many kiddos are too)! This is a great way to be organized and prepared while in therapy!

So far, I have generated an “I want” strip for the front of the binder. The back of the board is the “Penny Board,” which acts as a reward system for my kiddo and encourages him to try his best throughout therapy.

I will keep you posted on new additions to my binder!

Bowling for the /b/ sound


I am currently incorporating this bowling activity in my therapy sessions for my kiddo. We are working on the /b/ sound in the medial and final positions of the word. I place words containing my target sound under each pin. When my client knocks a pin down, he gets to retrieve the words and verbalize each word for me. It’s a win-win for all! When I found this picture I was so excited to see others are enjoying the same activity!

My kiddo LOVES this activity, and I get a lot of data out of it.

I would like to credit Constantly Speaking for the image! Check it out! The site is wonderful and has very useful ideas and information! Thanks again to Constantly Speaking for the photo!