Cycles Approach and R Therapy

Cycles Approach and R Therapy


Oh Em G! Followers! Check out this site! Expressions Speech and Language Center is like you have struck gold!

One my professors recently emailed this link to my cohorts and me! This has everything you can imagine for the Cycles Approach or if you are in desperate need for ideas on how to correct that /r/ sound!

Make sure you share this information with all your speechie friends!! Have fun!

Fun with Play-Doh!

Whenever I bring the famous Play-Doh into my therapy sessions, I can guarantee a happy kid and ultimate success! I can informally ask the child many questions throughout the task such as:

  • Colors
  • Vocabulary (animals)
  • Present Progressives -ing (e.g., Rolling, smashing, cutting, pushing)
  • mine and yours

Give it a shot! You will have fun too!

On this Veterans Day



On this Veteran’s Day (which was really yesterday), I would like to honor everyone who has served or is serving our country. Thank you for your strength, love, sacrifice and dedication. 

Many of us have the day off from school or work. Please take a moment to appreciate the small things surrounding us that we are fortunate enough to have and thank a Veteran!