Cycles Approach and R Therapy

Cycles Approach and R Therapy


Oh Em G! Followers! Check out this site! Expressions Speech and Language Center is like you have struck gold!

One my professors recently emailed this link to my cohorts and me! This has everything you can imagine for the Cycles Approach or if you are in desperate need for ideas on how to correct that /r/ sound!

Make sure you share this information with all your speechie friends!! Have fun!

Heather’s Speech Therapy!

Heather Speech Therapy!

Another one of my favorite speech links is called Heather Speech Therapy! It is adorable and she has amazing ideas that are interesting and creative! Her website is very clean, organized, and user-friendly when navigating. You can also follow her Speech Therapy Ideas Board on Pinterest for the visual ideas!

Her website is excellent for School-Based Speech Therapy. I know we are always trying to be more creative with our therapy sessions and keep those kiddos entertained while collecting data! Thanks Heather!

Check it out for yourself!

Mommy Speech Therapy

This blog site is so adorable and great for SLPs and any parents who want to practice at home with their kiddos! I actually got to meet Heidi (Speech Mommy) and the group at the last ASHA conference in San Diego! If you have an iPad their app is amazing! The features are amazing. It allows you to quickly collect data while the child gets to play on the iPad! The graphics are great for kiddos too! I refer to Mommy Speech Therapy quite often for my therapy sessions when working on articulation! I hope you find it fun and helpful like I do! 🙂